no love for ned 
setlist for 02.23.2004 
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artist song title album title record label
the magic whispers 100,000 fireflies yin yang siesta
the evening lights make yours like mine 2003 tour cd (self-released)
the finishing school hair s/t the telegraph company
bertrand betsch passer sous le metro la soupe a la grimace lithium
kahimi karie qu'est-ce que tu veux k.k.k.k.k. le grand magistery
anna oxygen loose to the tight all your faded things cold crush
tender trap face of 73 (extended version) como te llamas ep elefant
add n to (x) plug me in add insult to injury mute
to rococo rot cosimo hotel morgen domino
broken social scene backyards beehives arts and crafts
donovan there was a time a gift from a garden to a flower collector's choice
the gone-aways the shortbread flavoured tears small victories ep (self-released)
trembling blue stars less than love her handwriting shinkansen
sad like crazy sleep populist octopus o-jet
the softies sixteen months s/t ep slumberland
jetenderpaul breaking candy hearts jetenderpaul presents the modal lines burnt toast vinyl
alastair galbraith portrait seely girn feels good all over
tanakh november tree dieu deuil alien8
the pacific ocean back to hold you so beautiful and cheap and warm teenbeat
bear quartet from nowhere gay icon west side
keith john adams sit over there sunshine loft dcbaltimore2012
seam decatur headsparks homestead
thirteenth floor elevators your can't hurt me anymore (demo) psychedelic sounds - alternates & demos (unreleased)
the mummies doin' the kirk the mummies play their own records estrus
joel plaskett emergency work out fine truthfully truthfully maple music
the hold steady the swish the hold steady almost killed me french kiss
devo be stiff live rhino handmade
quintron place unknown are you ready for an organ solo? three one g
lone official tobacco sunburst s/t set international
bedhead smoke beheaded trance syndicate
espers flowery noontide s/t locust music
fruit bats track rabbits mouthfuls subpop