no love for ned 
setlist for 10.20.2003 
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artist song title album title record label
matt suggs calm down amigo row merge
television friction (alternate version) marquee moon rhino
jenny toomey masonic eye tempting misra
lazarus hero songs for an unborn sun temporary residence
herman dune monkey song mash concrete metal mushroom shrimper
richard buckner count me in on this one / tom merritt live at the 40 watt in athens, georgia, 9/30/03 (unreleased)
john fahey summertime red cross revenant
brokeback name's winston, friends call me james looks at the bird thrill jockey
the unicorns tuff ghost who will cut our hair when we're gone? alien8
nancy sinatra bang bang (my baby shot me down) kill bill volume one soundtrack maverick
dump don't worry baby unreleased covers (unreleased)
orange cake mix dead leaves of november i'm gonna watch the bluebirds fly over my shoulder compilation north of january
aberdeen emma's house the boy has gone away single tremo arm users club
shallow be thy name a call for merry punch compulation volume one- songs from north carolina compilation pox world empire
the blow how naked are we gonna get? the concussive caress k
the big huge from a harbour to a hill live on no love for ned  
the big huge autumnal hymn live on no love for ned  
the big huge under dogwood and sky live on no love for ned  
the big huge summer stroll live on no love for ned  
the big huge fare thee well live on no love for ned  
the big huge when i was in my prime live on no love for ned  
early day miners east berlin at night placer found western vinyl
caetano veloso the empty boat caetano veloso '69 phillips
hans appelquist xiao fang xiao fang ep mjail
angelo muscat escape in time dream drops compilation siesta
the high llamas the walworth river beet, maize and corn ( drag city
kissing book your meloncholy ways (s) magic marker
ben folds in between days speed graphic ep attacked by plastic
josh rouse love vibration 1972 rykodisc
true love always echoes in 2001 teenbeat records sampler teenbeat