no love for ned 
setlist for 08.11.2003 
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artist song title album title record label
the ladybug transistor the places you'll call home s/t merge
sloan false alarm action pact murderecords
outrageous cherry if you want me supernatural equinox rainbow quartz
guided by voices surgical focus do the collapse tvt
fountains of wayne stacy's mom welcome interstate managers s-curve
palaxy tracks girls on bikes cedarland peek-a-boo
will oldham and alan licht don't cry, driver you can never go fast enough compilation plain
charles allison glass street braced in the beams goodgog
elvis costello someone took the world away north deutsche grammaphon
richard youngs fire horse rising airs of the ear jagjaguwar
keith fullerton whitman 21:30 for acoustic guitar 21:30 for acoustic guitar ep apartment b
silkworm with kelly hogan young italian platinum touch and go
the pretty things s.f. sorrow is born s.f. sorrow edsel
ulysses (title unknown) live at the 40 watt - athens, ga - 08.01.03 (unreleased)
the ropers these days the world is fire teenbeat
the love letter band ghost song even the pretty girls take medicine 555
six cents and natalie devil in your heart sweet sweet casio compilation blackbean and placenta
the like young leather jackets art contest parasol
ballboy where do the nights of sleep go when they do not come to me a guide to the daylight hours manifesto
the cannanes defragmentation living the dream chapter house
jen turrell it's possible one night the stars began to fall and would not stop red square
the decemberists billy liar her majesty the decemberists kill rock stars
cinerama health and efficiency john peel sessions- season two scorpitones
starlight mints brass digger built on squares pias america
doleful lions when we were wolves out like a lamb parasol
little wings uh-oh (it's morning time again) light green leaves k
david-ivar herman dune and el boy die tell me why di die live shrimper