no love for ned 
setlist for 11.17.2003 
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artist song title album title record label
alasdair roberts join our lusty chorus farewell sorrow drag city
portastatic oh come down summer of the shark merge
the peabodys it only hurts when i think all out of you bling bling
june panic let my lungs coin words hope you fail better secretly canadian
sun kil moon lily and parrots ghosts of the great highway jetset
pillow (track one) three henries hapna
christmas baubles lasta christmas baubles and their strange sounds lo recordings
the twin atlas see that happen inside the skate scandal north of january
christopher willits (track five) :plateaus, centers, stoma... (self-released)
ruxpin still frames magrather mikrolux
bobby birdman i will come again heart caves ep states rights
mark robinson blinking lights origami and urbanism tomlab
evening lights on and on 2003 tour cd (self-released)
sisterhood of convoluted thinkers slow, classic 555cd56 compilation 555
mirah cold cold water advisory committee k
azure ray the drinks we drank last night hold on love secretly canadian
timonium tara's body live on no love for ned  
timonium the past within the past live on no love for ned  
timonium population two live on no love for ned  
timonium cannot keep eyes open live on no love for ned  
timonium some things happen live on no love for ned  
souvaris nothing of how we live, only to get and get and get (failed love song) i felt nothing at all (unreleased)
esmerine something if only a sweet surrender to the nights to come to be true resonant
a hawk and a hacksaw marcmaillette s/t cloud
the american analog set continuous hit music promise of love tigerstyle
trembling blue stars the ghost of an unkissed kiss alive to every smile subpop
suede trash singles sony (uk)