no love for ned 
setlist for 9.29.2008 
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artist song title album title record label
the manhattan love suicides kick it back (7" version) burnt out landscapes magic marker
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
all girl summer fun band lost looking into it agsfb music
kickstand lullabye s/t queenie
the splinters splintered bridges oh splinters ep (self-released)
i'm from barcelona mingus who killed harry houdini? mute
miniature tigers like or like like tell it to the volcano modern art
happy supply dumb song crucial hits dutch courage
kurt vile deep sea constant hitmaker gulcher
the brilliant corners when the blossom falls joyride mcqueen
blurt empty vessels the best of blurt volume one - the fish needs a bike salamander
red kross solid gold born innocent frontier
grafton gave you up jumpstart wire dead canary
harlem red herring free drugs female fantasy
the takeovers instigator little green onion man ep off
unbunny mandi sensory underload - uncertain tracks 1996-2008 hidden agenda
the new odds i can't get you off cheerleader pheromone
squarepusher a real woman just a souvenir legacy
miles davis what i say (excerpt) live-evil legacy
el guincho cuando maravilla fui alegranza discoteca oceano
totem hephaestus' wrath (excerpt) solar forge esp disk
james tenney three pages in the shape of a pear music for violin and piano hat art
johann johannsson fordlandia - aerial view fordlandia 4ad
sun ra flamingo the other side of the sun sweet earth
robert ashley in memoriam esteban gomez (excerpt) tap dancing in the sand unsounds
big spirit little paws hands compilation cllct
the flaming lips plastic jesus (porch version) she don't use jelly ep warner bros.
our brother the native augural wreath parting marrows ep fat cat
sun araw harken sawshine the phynx not not fun
dave bixby morning sun ode to quetzalcoatl lp (self-released)
calexico two silver trees carried to dust quarterstick
the primary five same old story high five neon tetra
rivulets will you be there debridement chairkickers music
magnolia electric co. in the human world no moon on the water 7" chunklet