no love for ned 
setlist for 11.10.2003 
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artist song title album title record label
the unicorns i was born (a unicorn) who will cut our hair when we're gone? alien8
robert pollard get under it not in my airforce matador
plastic mastery as far as i'm concerned sverige ep 555
palaxy tracks touch the magic lantern insound tour support ep insound
enon natural disasters high society touch and go
the wrens happy the meadowlands absolutely kosher
sufjan stevens flint (for the unemployed and underemployed) michigan sounds familyre
marshmallow coast pink underwear antistar misra
the kingsbury manx plez komet aztec discipline overcoat
[[[[vvrssnn]]]] i want to warm you (i need to warn you) s/t k
b. fleischmann until the real thing comes along welcome tourist morr music
david morley aquarium tilted apollo
broadcast oh how i miss you haha sound warp
emotional joystick the remington bellicose pacific zod
miles davis directions 1969 miles- festiva de juan pins tristar
bexar bexar gt s/t kraak
parker paul secret monorail live on no love for ned  
parker paul not ready to die live on no love for ned  
the carter family picture on the wall in the shadows of clinch mountain bear family
the handsome family the sound of a hundred toads singing bones carrot top
light crust doughboys pussy, pussy, pussy doughboys, playboys and cowboys - the golden years of western swing compilation proper
the everly brothers bye bye love classic country 1950-1959 compilation time life
pale horse and rider coney island these are the new good times darla
frankie sparo camera welcome crummy mystics constellation
durutti column for belgian friends valuable passages factory
howard hello my friend don't drink his blood temporary residence
girlboy girl please wait while we try to connect you fresco blackbean and placenta
clem snide close the door soft spot spinart
simon joyner cold outside your window, mama yesterday, tomorrow and in between sing, eunuchs!
jacobites hurt me more s/t secretly canadian
uncle tupelo sin city no depression (remastered) legacy
destroyer goddess of drought this night merge