no love for ned 
setlist for 06.27.2005 
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artist song title album title record label
the dirty projectors i will truck the getty address western vinyl
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
minamo serene shining 12k
reigns japanese boating accident we lowered a microphone into the ground johnson family
lech jankowski con-trapuncto institute benjamenta score koninck
sir handsome the night i met my second wife pehr
david kilgour ditch alley oop demos (unreleased)
benji cossa going back, no more a house full of friends compilation magic marker
the smittens party time relax brother, relax: a twentieth anniversary tribute to teenbeat records my mean magpie
math and physics club weekends away weekends away ep matinee
international airport association reunion of island goose geographic
f.s. blumm fund zweite meer morr music
south san gabriel affection's the pay the carlton chronicles: not until the operation's through misra
elephant micah grace of st. christopher the untied states of elephant micah bluesanct
jimmy revard and his oklahoma playboys dirty dog doughboys, playboys, and cowboys - the golden years of western swing compilation proper
madagascar a brief stroll - the velvet parasol forced march western vinyl
tiger saw lord knows, i need my own place to stay random sounds volume one compilation indieworkshop
band of horses for wicked gil live on no love for ned  
band of horses boat to row live on no love for ned  
band of horses the great salt lake live on no love for ned  
band of horses the day i lost my dingle on the red line live on no love for ned  
youth group lillian lies skeleton jar epitaph
palaxy tracks camera twelve rooms peek-a-boo
liz durrett lull husk warm
hopewell kings and queens hopewell and the birds of appetite tee pee
the mae shi spoils of victory heartbeeps five rue christine
oneida high life the wedding jagjaguwar
new radiant storm kings lovers in waco hurricane necklace grass
dressy bessy second place electrified transdreamer
japanther andre my love wolfenswan plan-it-x
tiara venus neck calling the whales hub city
home burden xiv arena rock
dogbowl hello helen live on wfmu lithium
negativland no business no business seeland