no love for ned 
setlist for 7.22.2002 
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artist song title album title record label
the notwist one with the freaks neon golden city slang
jim o'rourke not sport, marital art halfway to a threeway ep drag city
the flaming lips yoshimi battles the pink robots part one yoshimi battles the pink robots warner bros.
beulah if we can land a man on the moon, surely i can win your heart when your heartstrings break sugar free
dressy bessy buttercups sound go round kindercore
coloring book a little bit me, a little bit you through the looking glass: indie pop plays the monkees tribute planting seeds
the apples in stereo she's just like me (acoustic) sound effects 92-00 cooking vinyl
jackass the neverbacks where truth is a beacon ep blackbean and placenta
bugskull flowers smile distracted snowflake volume one pop secret
dear nora on to september the new year ep magic marker
la cerca howls like some ghost goodbye phantom engineer the unlike label
van dyke parks palm desert song cycle warner bros.
currituck co. antichrist unpacking my library teenbeat
park ave. all boy band when jamie went to london... we broke up urinine
butterglory the captain stood sturdy are you building a temple in heaven? merge
paramore amaze me what you don't know ammonite
elvis costello living in paradise this year's model rhino
vic chesnutt and lambchop until the led the salesman and bernadette capricorn
the national trust so anna dekkagar thrill jockey
the carpenters yesterday once more love songs a & m
the beach boys darlin' wild honey capitol
the high llamas nomads hawaii v2
the four tops walk away renee 20th century masters motown
(unknown) the problems of growing boys (1950's sexual education lps) (unknown)
miles davis recollections finding forrester soundtrack legacy
hayden street car skyscraper national park hardwood
r.e.m. you are the everything green warner bros.