no love for ned 
setlist for 08.23.2004 
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artist song title album title record label
the delgados keep on breathing universal audio chemikal underground
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
amy linton and stewart anderson the lights are out the lights are out 7" slumberland
the beach boys then i kissed her today / summer days capitol
aldo brizzi and tom ze down, down, down brizzi do brasil amiata
secret mommy the drink hawaii 5.0 ep ache
people like us oompah pumpah recyclopaedia britannica mess media
crescent lights / eyes collected songs roomtone
chromatics jesus plaster hounds gold standard labs
bablicon rhinoceros in a different city misra
pykrete be seven bee ate over hylaster cirrus oxide
the art bears the summer mix - part two (remixed by biota) art box recommended
bjork who is it medulla elektra
antony and the johnsons blue angel s/t secretly canadian
noahjohn and the lord water hymns killdeer
the pine hill haints wayfaring stranger bury your hate in a shallow grave ep lelp
the concretes new friend s/t astralwerks
epic45 secret maps of england against the pull of autumn where are my records
josh rouse feeling no pain (live) the smooth sounds of josh rouse rykodisc
north elementary teenage wife lose your favorite things sit-n-spin
guided by voices huffman prarie flying field half smiles of the decomposed matador
swearing at motorists calgon take me away number seven uptown secretly canadian
murder beach eight great ways first string teenage high - the songs of tullycraft played by people who aren't bumblebear
tiger saw r u courageous? gimme danger / gimme sweetness kimchee
the caribbean the night panel william of orange ep hometapes
the fiery furnaces wolfnotes blueberry boat rough trade
dat politics yah hoo tuning go pets go chicks on speed
faux fox androgyne black glove or white glove ep quartz
goudron frontline raw voltage ersatz audio
doctor mix and the remix i can't control myself wall of noise acute
family fodder don't make me need you all styles lp jungle
nanang tatang last train out muki tigerstyle