no love for ned 
setlist for 02.07.2005 
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artist song title album title record label
mark robinson stuttgart please please stuttgart please please 7" tomlab
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
marshmallow do the decent thing s/t storm music
sarah shannon call you on the telephone s/t casa
loveletter forget that girl beethoven chopin kitchen fraud siesta
macha and bedhead you and new plastic macha loved bedhead, bedhead loved macha ep jetset
magnet-f memarsis s/t casa de toad
the books a little longing goes away lost and safe tomlab
esbjoern svennson trio the well-wisher viaticum act
thee silver mt. zion memorial orcehstra and tra-la-la band horses in the sky horses in the sky constellation
via satellite glory cities are temples loud and clear
ak-momo greasy spoon return to ny hidden agenda
enon grain of assault lost marbles and exploded evidence touch and go
of montreal death dance of omipapas and sons for you aldhil's arboretum kindercore
hakan hellstrom en midsommarnattsdrom (singback version) en midsommarnattsdrom single virgin sweden
the icicles forever and a day live on no love for ned  
the icicles margie live on no love for ned  
the icicles ralphy rodriguez live on no love for ned  
the icicles snowman live on no love for ned  
the icicles la ti da live on no love for ned  
pink nasty six feet deep in love mule school (self-released)
refrigerator johnny blaze upstairs in your room shrimper
brian michael roff make it a dime in the analog woods ep keep
lullaby for the working class inherent song song bar/none
lotus crown won't give up ('til i win your lovin') chokin' on the jokes reprise
edie sedgwick martin sheen her love is real desoto
aqpop relate that something beautifully smart happy happy birthday to me
the lynnfield pioneers cool calm serene emerge matador
joe christmas i'll bet you do north to the future tooth and nail
pagoda superbreakout dearly departed lazyline
the very most sweet job making the case for me coming in second
stereofan postcards stain my heart lelp