no love for ned 
setlist for 7.8.2002 
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artist song title album title record label
rainer maria artificial light a better version of me polyvinyl
unrest light command perfect teeth 4ad
the ropers driver all the time slumberland
galaxie 500 flowers today rykodisc
belle and sebastian a century of fakers 3..6..9 seconds of light ep jeepster
all-time quarterback why i cry s/t barsuk
the kiss-offs mock st. augustine goodbye private life peek-a-boo
devo jocko homo q: are we not men? a: we are devo warner bros.
track star feet first lion destroyed the whole world better looking
doleful lions sweet drill killer the rats are coming! the werewolves are here! parasol
slumber party trouble of my own s/t kill rock stars
joel plaskett i'd rather be deadly than dead in need of medical attention no alternative
golden rough oh lonesome me it's a heck of a machine ep summershine
nick drake hazy jane ii bryter layter rykodisc
simon and garfunkel hazy shade of winter old friends legacy
wilco outtasite (outta mind) being there reprise
guided by voices cheyenne universal truths and cycles matador
the velvet underground i can't stand it vu verve
roy henry alexander gover tired of the brush life goes on tractor beam
yo la tengo for shame of doing wrong (slide version) shaker ep matador
tindersticks my autumn's done come total lee! a tribute to lee hazlewood city slang
marvin gaye when i feel the need love starved heart motown
james just like fred astaire millionaires mercury (uk)
yuji oniki tomorrow stays orange future farmer
the real tuesday weld the birds and the bees the meteorology of love ep bambini
witch hazel autumnal void landlocked flydaddy
half japanese 1,000,000 kisses greatest hits safe house
of montreal this feeling cherry peel bar/none
unbunny transformer the willis files esque
eels packing blankets daisies of the galaxy dreamworks
count basie lil' darlin blue big bands compilation blue note