no love for ned 
setlist for 11.04.2002 
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artist song title album title record label
aden matinee idol hey 19 teenbeat
papas fritas hey hey you say helioself minty fresh
luna ride into the sun slide ep elektra
kings of convenience parallel lines s/t kindercore
ana d galaxia live in la on 89.9 kcrw's "morning becomes eclectic" ep grimsey
julie doiron shivers and crickets heart and crime jagjaguwar
charalambides the core our bed is green wholly other
gastr del sol mouth canyon camoufleur drag city
malcolm middleton wake up 5:14 fluoxytine seagull alcohol john nicotine chemikal underground
destroyer here comes the night this night merge
neu! isi neu! '75 astralwerks
sean lennon mystery juice into the sun grand royal
the notwist moron shrink zero hour
devo head like a hole pioneers who got scalped rhino
the field mice coach station reunion where'd you learn to kiss that way shinkansen
dump wanted man i can hear music brinkman
june panic my mid-husband arrives baby's breadth secretly canadian
scott spillane angel wings will carry me happy happy birthday to me volume two compilation happy happy birthday to me
califone porno starlet vs. rodeo clown roomsound perishable
appendix out josephine a warm and yeasty corner ep shinglestreet
iron and wine lion's mane the creek drank the cradle subpop
graig markel partial departure split ep w/ orange cake mix recovery
timonium crushed discs resist education pehr
the flaming lips if i go mad / funeral in my head do you realize single warner bros.
kingsbury manx summer teases single wish compilation sprite
jenny toomey baby would it matter antidote misra