no love for ned 
setlist for 11.24.2003 
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artist song title album title record label
the joel plaskett emergency extraordinary truthfully truthfully maple music
minmae signed to a check true love devil in the woods
brendan benson cherries (wellfed boys ep version) one mississippi (reissue) startime
heavenly snail trail operation heavenly k
ms. john soda go check drop = scene ep morr music
faris nourallah a day to remember problematico western vinyl
alejandra and aeron pip looks for happiness the tale of pip lucky kitchen
the album leaf seal beach seal beach ep acuarela
anders jormin idas sommarvisa xieyi ecm
softland chanel one is a very small crowd spezial material
brokeback everywhere down here looks at the bird thrill jockey
allen clapp whenever we're together whenever we're together ep bus stop
florian mexican the kingdom ep shelflife
the finishing school reno destination girl the telegraph company
holly golightly you ain't no big thing live in san francisco - 09.30.2003 (unreleased)
snoozer providence live on no love for ned  
snoozer winter clothes live on no love for ned  
snoozer heaven knows i'm miserable now live on no love for ned  
snoozer sweater weather live on no love for ned  
snoozer me or my apartment live on no love for ned  
snoozer the fuzz live on no love for ned  
brittle stars rumpshaker garage sale shelflife
can fizz can box (live 1971-1977) mute
the czars you don't know what love is x would rather listen to y than suffer through a whole c of zs bella union
nick cave still in love nocturama anti
extra glenns the river song martial arts weekend absolutely kosher
danielson famile runnin' to brother tri-danielson (alpha) secretly canadian
baptist generals clear creek dog quality park
your favorite horse kamikaze (acoustic) i would close my eyes but all i see is the massacre piehead
landing wrapped up in flight passages through k
the flaming lips sunship balloons ego tripping at the gates of hell ep warner bros.
the hidden cameras the man that i am with my man the smell of our own rough trade