no love for ned 
setlist for 03.21.2005 
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artist song title album title record label
math and physics club when we get famous weekends away ep matinee
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
nedelle our little selves from the lion's mouth kill rock stars
sarah white and the pearls sweetheart you're it ep (self-released)
kepler days of begging attic salt troubleman unlimited
damien jurado icicle on my way to absence secretly canadian
desk_ark queen of the sketch patrol loose lips sink ships bifocal media
tarwater tv blood the needle was travelling morr music
the headphones pink and brown s/t suicide squeeze
the shocking pinks lucy mathematical warfare flying nun
help she can't swim yr the one fashionista super dance troupe fantastic plastic
phonoboy immur nur (toujours) tres chic, trashig red wine tunes
harmonia notre dame de luxe metronome
the relict childlike pressed for sound compilation pehr
kammerflimmer kollektief hausen absencen staubgold
pid birds (for juliet) fight like family compilation envy
silver apples a pox on you contact radioactive
timonium occasionally live on no love for ned  
timonium ice bound track live on no love for ned  
timonium solemn corridors live on no love for ned  
timonium self-evidence live on no love for ned  
timonium vernal pools live on no love for ned  
yo la tengo decora (acoustic) prisoners of love - a smattering of scintillating senescnet songs matador
the ronettes good girls presenting the fabulous ronettes featuring veronica phillies
parenthetical girls c-86 is killing my life (((grrrls))) lp slender means society
dick dale mr. peppermint man (vocal) the best of dick dale and his del-tones rhino
gene autry peter cottontail the essential gene autry legacy
the wagoners lil' ol' bug phoenix panorama - the viv labels compilation bear family
parker and lily suit of fire the low lands warm
winter vacation walk signs the netherlands, 1980 asaurus
mekons ghosts of american astronauts so good it hurts quarterstick
graham coxon are you ready? happiness in magazines astralwerks
robert pollard zoom (it happens all over the world) zoom ep rockathon