no love for ned 
setlist for 01.06.2003 
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artist song title album title record label
of montreal baby cherry peel bar/none
david bowie space oddity the best of david bowie 1969-1974 virgin
destroyer holy going lightly this night merge
jetenderpaul much more than glimmering eye the woolen spires burnt toast
quasi tomorrow you'll hide featuring "birds" up
the guild league cosmotropolis (london swings) private transport matinee
crooked fingers man who died of nothing at all s/t warm
julie doiron with herman dune dirty feet comes with a smile compilation #6- des vagues de pierre comes with a smile
guided by voices bright paper werewolves under the bushes under the stars matador
dennis driscoll i'm in love with a ghost voices in the fog k
idyll swords (track three) purposeful availment ep three lobed
the pacific ocean people to people so beautiful and cheap and warm teenbeat
the quails shine a light atmosphere inconvenient
the promise ring happiness is all the rage very emergency jade tree
kleenex girl wonder why i write such good songs afer mathematics march
the softies snow like this s/t slumberland
ides of space keep writing there are no new clouds better looking
track star revenge fantasy communication breaks die young stay pretty
damien jurado and gathered in song paperwings i break chairs subpop
furtips chosen one when my baby smiles at me, i go to rio animal world
the bats hold all the butter fear of god mammoth
the fugs fingers of the sun electromagnetic steamboat- the complete reprise recordings rhino handmade
beachwood sparks sun surrounds me by your side ep rough trade
the kingsbury manx pageant square s/t overcoat
grenadine filings goya shimmydisc
doleful lions now you're a witch! song cyclops volume one parasol
super furry animals presedential suite rings around the world xl recordings
the pretty things she says good morning s.f. sorrow edsel
the kinks lola the singles collection essential
wolf colonel astronaut, astronaut something/everything! k
ben lee no room to bleed hey you, yes you. emi
rhett miller our love the instigator elektra
the ladybug transistor words hang in the air argyle heir merge