no love for ned 
setlist for 09.19.2005 
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artist song title album title record label
the minders goodbye colorado the stolen boy (self-released)
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the rosebuds leaves do fall birds make good neighbors merge
pleasant welcome come in awkward as a beehive pox world empire
new estate dream planner considering... kittridge
benji cossa love is like lightning vault volume one magic marker
flowchart of a evergreen noise is flexible / the spirit of kenny g fuzzy box
koji asano park final insurance collection volume two solstice
tetsu inoue and seed untitled panspermia music for plants compilation perfectifon
ektroverde interpol arpeggio bad vugum
arab strap packs of three acoustic request show (self-released)
young people hot horse airwaves for your hairwaves - live from wnur compilation wnur
mise en abyme parachutes jesquibel marriage
hopewell four a.m. hopewell and the birds of appetite tee pee
sufjan stevens the avaalanche illinois lp asthmatic kitty
mike ferraro lovers only love live on no love for ned  
mike ferraro forgotten how to lose live on no love for ned  
mike ferraro something for nothing live on no love for ned  
mike ferraro song for friendship live on no love for ned  
mike ferraro awful killer live on no love for ned  
mike ferraro his friend, his lover, his son live on no love for ned  
anders parker go alone tell it to the dust baryon
magnolia electric co. werewolves of london hard to love a man ep secretly canadian
south san gabriel stupid is as stupid does the carlton chronicles: not until the operation's through misra
m. ward fuel for fire transistor radio merge
a pilgrimage to save this human race you were a sailor reality's not big enough for the love i've got for you ep bunch of beatniks
georgia highway soul nothing new my mean magpie
jen turrell plane crash honesty and apologies ep red square
magic city i'll wait for you the june book grain bin
pedro chapel was my dream early pedro melodic
doug martsch loving pauper isn't it romantic compilation verse press